481 - You Can't Decide Everything


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As you grow your business, you can’t continue doing everything. This includes decision making.

In so many ways, the entrepreneur is by far the biggest bottleneck in the business. We see this all the time in our coaching programs. In a growing business, your responsibilities will change on a daily and weekly basis. You miss an opportunity for leverage in decision making when you don’t share the process with your team.

As you build a business, growth happens this way:

  1. Grow product
  2. Grow a tactical team
  3. Grow team that can execute directly for you
  4. Grow and share decision making

As entrepreneurs, we get used to making the decisions and being in charge, but in order to grow, we need to stop making all the decisions. This is crucial because decision-making fatigue is real. If you are making the decisions in every part of your business, you are making so many decisions that ultimately they won’t get made and will slow down your business.

This is why growing a team to share in the decision-making process is necessary and prevents you from becoming a bottleneck, allowing your business to increase capacity and grow exponentially.

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