482 - Strategic Growth Isn’t Always Revenue


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Growth isn’t always financial. Sometimes, you have to strategically grow some things in order to grow others. You have to take a step back in order to continue growing at a rate you want.

I talk to entrepreneurs all the time about growing their businesses. That’s what keeps us in momentum – growing a business and moving things forward. The problem occurs when you want to grow all the time. A single flat line month will drive entrepreneurs crazy.

Experienced entrepreneurs understand that in business you should not always be growing top-line numbers. To deliver at the highest level, sometimes you need to make the strategic decision to grow the infrastructure of the business, not the sales of the business. Taking the focus off of the top-line and growing delivery and cause your business to grow in lightning speed.

Growth in infrastructure changes things and supports the people, processes, projects in your business. When you put the focus here, it will have a slingshot effect because they are the foundational pieces of growth in your business.

To grow strategically:

  1. Understand that most businesses go through these periods routinely.
  2. Set an outcome and a timeframe to win.
  3. Realize that deliberate building periods act like a turbocharger for your business.

If you are ready to start growing like crazy and build infrastructure in your business, reach out to us at billionairecode.com.

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