484 - Don't Take Quitting Personally


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People are going to leave your team, and there is nothing you can do about it. As an entrepreneur, it is going to happen over and over again. The way that you get over this and keep it from being personal is to see change as an opportunity. People are going to leave for reasons beyond your control and for reasons that have nothing to do with you. They will get married. They will move. They will leave simply because they want to. The only thing you can do is be thankful for the time you had and release them and let them go. Then, turn to the people who are left and focus building up the team around you. Take the energy you have and focus on the people who are still with you and make things happen with you. Don’t let one person leaving derail you and what you are doing with the rest of your team. If you are ready to start growing your business even faster with systems that keep your team running at the highest level, reach out to us at billionairecode.com.

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