Shit Hits the Fan - Now What


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No matter who you are or what you do, at some point or another, shit hits the fan.

Whether its a break-up or one of your best employees quits or there's a big family fight -- we all have moments in our life where it feels like everything is falling apart.

I've been there before, and I know how tough it can be. But you can train your #mindset to control how you react and respond in these situations. Whether shit has hit the fan recently or you're in an easy-breezy season of life, start preparing yourself for the unexpected NOW. You need to make sure you have the right mindset to handle it when it does happen -- because it WILL.

Training Your Mindset for Success When Shit Hits the Fan

In the Initial Response Phase:
1. Recognize this will be a learning opportunity.
2. Double down on your habits.
3. Keep things in perspective.
4. Hold on to your vision.

In the Debrief Phase:
1. Evaluate if you can anticipate this challenge again.
2. Give yourself permission to hit the reset button.

Tune in to today's #MomentumMonday for my advice on training your mindset and establishing mental toughness for the hardest seasons of life. You won't want to miss it.

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