102 | Your Healthiest Healthy: Fighting Cancer, Preventing Chronic Disease, & Advocating for Your Health - with Samantha Harris


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Today we’re learning from Samantha Harris, a TV host extraordinaire (Dancing with the Stars, Entertainment Tonight), the mother of two little girls, and the author of Your Healthiest Healthy: 8 Easy Ways to Take Control, Help Prevent and Fight Cancer, and Live a Longer, Cleaner, Happier Life.

Samantha was blindsided by a breast cancer diagnosis at the age of 40, pushing her to put on her journalist hat and find out why. She found that what you have in, on, and around your body has a profound effect on your overall well being, from the cleaning supplies in your closet to the people you spend time with. So today we’re going to talk about her journey with cancer and how anyone can take control, build resilience, and find long-lasting peace and happiness.

You Will Hear About:

  • [3:40] Toxic beauty products & non-toxic beauty tips
  • [5:50] How Samantha knew she had breast cancer and what it was like to get a diagnosis
  • [13:30] Performing a breast examination on yourself
  • [15:00] Being an advocate for your own health
  • [16:30] Writing Your Healthiest Healthy
  • [22:30] How Samantha got into TV
  • [27:40] Developing a resilience mindset & overcoming constant rejection
  • [31:40] Tips for getting in front of the camera to build an online business
  • [35:50] Holistic self-care
  • [45:15] Staying balanced while you rock your business, your other business, your family, and your self-care
  • [48:00] Being shameless


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