139 | Comfort is from the Devil - with Vince Del Monte


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I absolutely love Vince Del Monte’s no-nonsense approach to living a healthy lifestyle while running a seven-figure business – so, obviously, his goal is entirely aligned with my goal of helping a million women making $1,000,000 or more a year!

You Will Hear About:

  • [1:50] How Vince became a fitness entrepreneur
  • [6:30] Why “comfort is from the devil”
  • [8:20] The cashflow quadrant & recurring revenue
  • [15:00] You are your own brand (especially if you’re in network marketing)
  • [18:30] Creating interesting marketing funnels, like a free + shipping book offer
  • [28:30] Selling yourself for what you’re really worth
  • [40:45] Why Vince is excited about his mastermind
  • [44:25] Why you should be trying to break your business every day
  • [52:25] The best advice that Vince has ever received


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