141 | Learning How to Sell Like The Millionaire Maker - with Marshall Sylver


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Marshall Sylver is a world-renowned hypnotist who has spent the last 34 years helping people become certain in their lives and go after their dreams. On top of that, he’s been able to constantly grow his business, turning thousands into millions into billions of dollars, and he’s now reinvesting a lot of that money by giving back to kids and teaching entrepreneurship skills.

We focus a lot on sales today, because I really wanted to dig in and figure out how Marshall is so effective at selling everything! Settle in and get ready to take some notes – this one’s full of big juicy tips!

Marshall also has a GIFT – and a challenge – for all of you! Learn more at mylifechangingvacation.com.

You Will Hear About:

  • [3:15] Streaming his child’s birth online
  • [4:10] Realizing hypnosis is one of the strongest forces on Earth
  • [8:55] Getting high on certainty
  • [20:40] How Marshall teaches certainty
  • [32:40] What we focus on expands
  • [33:40] Irresistible influence
  • [37:40] What hypnosis is like
  • [43:50] Why “I can’t afford it” isn’t a good excuse to not invest in yourself
  • [50:30] Coming up with the right price for your offer & being shameless
  • [56:10] Where Marshall would invest $100,000 right now
  • [57:30] Learning how to communicate


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