178 | Why You Should be Marketing Your Business on Pinterest - with Kate Ahl


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I recently heard an episode of The Simple Pin Podcast and, right away, I knew I had to have the host, Kate Ahl, on the show! She is also the founder of Simple Pin Media, a Pinterest management and marketing agency that combines the best practices of marketing and personalized strategies that help clients achieve their business and personal goals.

Kate just brings so much value to every conversation and I know everyone out there will benefit from hearing what she has to say!

You Will Hear About:

  • [1:45] What Kate did before Pinterest was a thing & how she ended up starting Simple Pin Media
  • [8:00] Struggling with limiting beliefs and creating caps on your success
  • [17:00] What you need to know about using Pinterest for your business
  • [23:00] Why are Pinterest boards so important?
  • [32:30] The ONE thing you can do to boost your Pinterest presence right now
  • [33:45] Going from food stamps to leading a 40-person team


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