179 | Growing a $10M Business, Marketing Yourself Online, & Becoming The Sober Entrepreneur - with Russ Perry


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Russ Perry is the founder and CEO of Design Pickle, the world’s most successful flat-rate graphic design service. Russ has scaled his business from two employees to nearly 300, serving thousands of clients with over $10M in revenue.

Russ also co-hosts Good To Be Home with his wife, Mika, and is the author of The Sober Entrepreneur.

You Will Hear About:

  • [2:30] Starting a business to create the lifestyle that you want for you and your family
  • [7:00] Russ’ struggles with his first entrepreneurial venture and alcoholism
  • [18:00] Transitioning from entrepreneur to CEO & learning to lead people well
  • [23:30] How to communicate with and coach employees who fall under expectations
  • [32:00] A new way to think about meetings
  • [33:45] Why you should be advertising your business


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