The future of face-to-face debt advice


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Debt advisers in England fear that government plans to change the way their service is funded will see big cuts in the amount of face-to-face advice available. We hear from a woman who says in-person debt advice helped turn her life around, in a way that online of over the phone assistance could never match. And debt adviser Amy Taylor, who is chair of the Greater Manchester Money Advice Group, tells us about the impact the changes could have in face-to-face help for people in her region. The parents and guardians of young people who lack mental capacity are still being denied access to their child trust funds, despite the government promising to look at the problem a year ago. In the wake of this week's House of Lords debate on the issue, we hear from campaigning parent Andrew Turner on changes he would like to see to the current expensive, difficult and lengthy legal process facing families who want to access the cash their children need. And as three more energy suppliers go bust this week, Dermot Nolan, the former chief executive of the energy regulator Ofgem, tells us what he thinks is wrong with the system... and how it should change. Presenter: Paul Lewis Producer: Paul Waters Reporter: Dan Whitworth Researcher: Anita Langary Editor: Emma Rippon

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