The Science Facebook Ads and Knowing Your Audience with Mojca Zove


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It's all about who you know. And you should really know your audience.

Mojca Zove, the founder of and, joins the show to talk all about strategies for understanding your audience, especially when it comes to social media campaigns. She also dives into her transition from running a successful Facebook ads consultancy to running a product-based business.

So how do you convert eyeballs into sales? How do you validate a new product with your audience and bounce back if you have a disappointing launch? Mojca shares the ups and downs of her own journey, including the strategies she's used with her clients to turn Facebook views into actual customers.

If you're launching a new product to your audience or you're curious about the secret sauce behind a good Facebook ad campaign, this episode's for you. Enjoy!

P.S. You can find Mojca at and And you can follow along with Mojca's journey on the Changing Gears YouTube video series here.

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