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Things to buy in December

  • Gift cards
  • Christmas decorations (after Christmas)
  • Champagne
  • Wedding dresses
  • Golf clubs
  • Cookies: National Cookie Day - Dec. 4
  • New cars

One list had TO buy Jewelry, one list said DON’T buy Jewelry.

Things not to buy in December

  • High-end electronics
  • Exercise equipment
  • Bedding

Tips for Black Friday shopping:

· Black Friday Sales have already started. Some of the best discounts are: iPads, Apple Watches, TVs, and headphones, but also air fryers, vacuums, Instant Pots and DNA kits also joining the Black Friday mix.

· Retailers want to entice shoppers into stores in the hopes they will purchase more – so that is why for some of the best deals you do have to go in person.

· Black Friday isn’t just on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Many retailers are starting their Black Friday sales earlier and earlier with some offering steep discounts as soon as Wednesday.

· Try online first; look for free shipping. Also consider in-store pickup when it’s available.

· Earn cash back: Whether shopping in-store or online, look to cash back through websites that encourage you to scan your receipts.

· Use coupons and rewards programs from stores.

· Don’t forget to mail in your rebates on small appliances.

Check The Odds

You might think they try to keep the odds secret, but they’re actually printed right on the back of every single ticket. You can even ask the cashier at the store to let you know what it says before you purchase. Go with games that have better odds.

The Cheaper The Ticket, The Worse The Odds

Similar to slot machines where you have to play big to win big, lotto’s tend to save the high dollar winnings for those willing to shell out a little extra in order to play.

· Mississippi has 4 scratch off tickets: a $1: ”Three times Lucky” Approximate overall odds - 1:4.75 , 2 at $2: “Happy Holidays Y’all” Approximate overall odds - 1:4.39 and “Triple 7” Approximate overall odds - 1:4.32 , and a $5 “$100,00 Jackpot” Approximate overall odds - 1:3.98

· This means that 1 out of every 3.98 tickets will be a winner.

· It doesn't mean that every fourth ticket in a row wins, and it doesn't mean that in a random sampling of 4 tickets, one will definitely be a winner. It means that in the total number of tickets allotted, in all the stores across the state, that percentage of tickets are winners.

Hold On To Losing Tickets

It’s tempting to toss them away after you’ve been disappointed, but several games (including scratch-offs) hold second-chance lottos where you can send in the dud and still win some cash.

You should also have the cashier scan them in case you overlooked winnings. It might not be the big prize, but you could be in store for at least a little cash to keep you going for the next round.

Set a scratch-off budget and stick with it. Decide how much you can afford to spend on a scratch-offs each month. This absolutely has to be money you can afford to lose, because you will lose money playing the lottery long-term. It's a guarantee.

When you've set a monthly budget, take money for scratch-offs from the leftover cash, not used for rent, groceries, or other necessary expenses. If you've got a fund set aside for fun stuff, you could take it out of there if you enjoy playing scratch-offs.

Check Your State's Website: ms lottery home dot com

You don’t want to buy a ton of cards for a game only to check online and realize the biggest prizes have already been claimed, so make sure to look before even heading out to the store. Ticket will continue to be sold after prize money is given out, until all tickets are sold.

Pick Newer Games First

The website will also let you know when they introduce a new game so you can be first in line to claim all the fresh new prizes. You still have a chance at real money as long as those larger prizes are still in play, which isn’t always the case with older games.


"Please play responsibly."

"You must be 21 or older to play."

"Gambling problem? Call 888-777-9696."

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