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Being in a relationship with someone who doesn't view money the same way as you do has its advantages and disadvantages.

On the pro side, dating (or being married to) someone with an opposite money personality can give you insight into a different financial perspective. If you're the spender in the relationship, for example, dating a saver could expose you to positive money beliefs and habits that you may not have experienced growing up. Or, if you're the saver, you could be the one to set a positive money example for your spender partner.

The downside, of course, is that money can become a source of disagreement between the two of you. For instance, you may each have certain money deal breakers that could make the relationship a no-go. That might include things like:

  • Being in debt
  • Having a poor credit score
  • Lying about or hiding money
  • Being unwilling to discuss money

Gerald breaks the ice in getting couples to freely discuss money in their relationship. to book financial planning session with Gerald. Gerald can advise International Clients from SA, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, Kenya, UK, USA, Australia , Canada and Beyond.

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