Shane Cooke Explains Why Intensive Care Unit Docs Need a Dashboard


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This week Harry interviews the head of Etiometry, a Boston-based startup building visualization systems and decision support software for hospital intensive care units. Shane Cooke says critical care "is an incredibly complex environment where speed matters and information matters." By aggregating real-time data, lab results, and historical patient records on a single screen, Cooke says, Etiometry hopes to show caregivers that they can glean more value from the data that's already collected by intensive care units but seldom unified.

Etiometry's visualizations run on any hospital-approved web browser, and can therefore be used to monitor patients remotely. Not only does this unified visual presentation of input from monitoring devices and medical records can increase the effectiveness and efficiency of ICU care, Cooke says—it also enables real-time, risk-based analytics that help medical staff anticipate a patient's course.

Cooke joined Etiometry in 2019 as the president and CEO, bringing over 20 years of experience in the medical device and pharmaceutical marketplaces in a variety of sales, marketing, strategy, and portfolio management roles. Before joining Etiometry, Shane spent five years as chief strategy officer at Cheetah Medical, and prior to that role, Shane spent 11 years with Covidien in the patient care, vascular therapies and corporate sectors, with positions such as corporate strategy, market and competitive intelligence, leading the market development center of excellence, and leading strategy efforts for Japan, Europe, Australia and Canada.

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