134 - Live: Monica Hamburg Presents - Confined #6 - with Dan Bryan Rosen


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Here's the show I did with guest Dan Bryan Rosen!
Terrible erotic products, crazy Craigslost ads, bizarre Pornomedy – and more!
Should you wish to see the visuals we're describing, the Youtube version is here.
Next show: Friday, July 17 at 6:30PM EST (Guest TBA)
Zoom meeting room link is here ( Meeting ID: 857 7253 7785)
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---Show Notes---
--Dan Bryan Rosen--
Twitter, Facebook & Instagram: @dantheguyrosen
Info about Dan's "Game of Crohn’s": https://www.thecomedytribune.com/home/2019/10/12/my-pain-is-your-pleasure-by-dan-rosen
Dan's show at Comedy Bar in Toronto is "Opening Act Dan Rosen": https://www.facebook.com/OpeningActDanRosen/
--Monica Hamburg--
Site: MonicaHamburg.com
Instagram: @Monica.Hamburg
"More Funding Needed", my short film with comedian Peter J. Radomski: https://vimeo.com/411260449
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Dan: paypal.me/danbryanrosen
Monica: paypal.me/monicahamburg
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