Monster Baby #71 Attention to Tension


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How can you play if your string is too tight or too slack?

Finding the right amount of tension matters hugely: in improv, in mindfulness, and in life. Along those lines, Ted and Lisa mine a moment of tension from the last podcast episode (1:48) before drawing on some wisdom from the worlds of astrology and Buddhism (8:09). Lisa explains how her impulse to preserve freedom and protect love have helped her deal with tension with a performer colleague (10:57) and we get the first of several banana bread interludes in this episode (15:51). Ted revisits the Matrix Leadership model as way for interpreting tension as a gift (17:27) and Lisa puts forward the value of slowing down in the face of tense situations (22:26).

In the spirit of letting the tension build for positive effect (25:46), Lisa takes another banana bread break (28:28) before we hear about her Xmas decorations (and before we get a groaner of a pun from Ted (29:29). One last baking interruption (34:25) presages a review of whether the extra juice of tension between performers helps or hurts an improv scene (35:03). Ted identifies some fundamental tensions in the world of mindfulness (38:34) and how he uses “Boom Boom Balloon” and other tools to help his students stay present whenever tension ramps up (42:49). Lisa brings in insights from the world of the Enneagram (49:13) and the episode draws to a close with a few valuable questions to ask whenever tensions get high. (56:03)

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Lisa and Ted

San Francisco improvisors Ted DesMaisons and Lisa Rowland explore the beautiful, surprising and unruly intersections between mindfulness and improvisation as they seek to befriend that oft-hidden and sometimes scary part of all of us that can lead to a life well-lived.

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