S04E04 Dennis Nilsen PLUS Claremont serial killer, Truck Stop Killer, Russian serial killer & Anita Cobby's killer dies in jail


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Dennis Nilsen was a Scotsman living in Britain who murdered 15 men over a four year period. The low ranking civil servant kept his victims’ bodies for days, often sleeping next to them, before finally disposing of them when they began to smell. He disposed of those bodies by either torching them or flushing them down the toilet.

Keep listening right to the very end for a powerful interview with one of Nilsen's victims who got away.

In our news section:

  • The trial of Bradley Robert Edwards being in Western Australia over the Claremont serial killings.
  • A man from Arizona who was recently arrested for the 1997 rape of an Ohio woman, has been allegedly linked to the unsolved slayings of four women through DNA.
  • Russian police called in to investigate a murder when a pack of street dogs were found fighting over body parts that had been dumped in wrapped packages in a public street.
  • One of the men responsible for the gruesome rape and murder of Anita Cobby has passed away in jail.

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