ALCHEMY: The Kosmic Kitchen on Food as Magic and Medicine (Ep. 11)


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Episode 11: Alchemy

Learn about herbs, alchemy and elemental eating with food educators Summer Ashley and Sarah Kate of The Kosmic Kitchen.

“Our deepest act of love as humans is to nourish each other.” - Sarah Kate

In this episode of #moonwisepodcast, we speak with herbal food educators Summer Ashley and Sarah Kate of The Kosmic Kitchen about herbs, alchemy and food as medicine.



The Kosmic Kitchen was born out of a friendship. Sarah and Summer met when sewing the seeds for a community garden. It was there that they discovered herbalism, and the plants’ incredible capacity to heal. Their goal is to make kitchen herbalism accessible to all, so that everyone can have a connection to the plants.

In our conversation, Summer and Sarah talk about their own healing journeys from chronic illness to health by trusting their intuition and the healing power of plants. They remind us how sacred each meal can be and why making your food beautiful is part of the medicine. They share tips on spiking everyday foods with herbs and why a daily practice of healthy meals can do more than any pill or potion.

“We have Mother Earth to provide us with these plants that are their own beings and they have their own stories and things that they want to share with us. And if we really listen to that and can be part of that experience, it can be such a rich experience and also a deeper healing,” says Sarah Kate.

We also talk about:

  • How plants can bring people into our lives

  • The power of adaptogenic herbs

  • Fun recipes for herb-infused summer drinks

  • The benefits of chia seeds

  • Finding joy in good preparation and cooking

  • Trusting our intuition for health


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