GRIEF: Dorothée Sophie Royal on Post-Partum Depression as Underworld Initiation (Ep. 14)


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Episode 14: Grief

Learn about post-partum depression as an underworld initiation with MoonWise podcast host Dorothée Sophie Royal.

"Human beings need time and space to grieve, grow, and blossom." - Dorothée Sophie Royal

In this episode of #moonwisepodcast, Dorothée Sophie Royal speaks about grief and her own personal experience with post-partum depression as an underworld initiation.



Dorothée Sophie Royal is a writer, producer, medicine maker, and mother. She is the founder of MoonTentCo, a space of self care for women of power. She is passionate about reclaiming and reconnecting with the heart of the feminine. She is the host of the monthly #moonwisepodcast and was recently selected as one of fifty women for #50WomenCan Change the World in Media and Entertainment.

In this episode, she shares her healing path through post-partum depression and anxiety. She talks about the shadow side of new motherhood and the tips and resources she found during her recovery. She says, "I now believe that sometimes depression shows up as the soul's way of working through grief and transition at its own pace. I ultimately view it as a blessing and something I am grateful for. Because what I met in that underworld reshaped me completely. I uncovered in the dark my primal will to survive, the strength beneath my weakness, the dark mother of grief who turns our tears into rain."

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