RISE: Mariam Mouna on Radical Self Care and Making Wellness Accessible [Episode 17]


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Episode 17: Rise

Learn about radical self care and making wellness accessible to communities of color with Mariam Mouna of I See You Wellness.

“Radical self care is dropping the ball and choosing you, constantly at all times, no matter what. That is radical.” - Mariam Mouna

In this episode of #moonwisepodcast, we speak with reiki healer and wellness entrepreneur Mariam Mouna about making wellness accessible to communities of color.



Mariam (or Mar for short) is a native of Marrakech, Morocco living and loving in Brooklyn, New York. She is the founder and creative director of I See You Wellness—a wellness and lifestyle brand that exists to empower communities of color through accessible wellness and radical self care.

We talk about her journey from corporate America to creating a brand of soul care products infused with magic. We discuss why homogenous portrayals of wellness are harmful for us all and how we can begin to free ourselves from internal messages that hold us back.

Mariam shares her own favorite self care practices as well as her perspective on the power of affirmations. She reminds us that words are spells. She says, “when we’re mindful of what we say, then we can cast spells that we actually want.”

Be sure to stay tuned to the end of the episode when Mariam guides us in a beautiful meditation. If you’d like to skip ahead to experience that, it will be around minute 45 of this episode.

We also talk about:

  • Following pleasure to your calling

  • Words as spells

  • Separating self care from capitalism

  • Changing the way we talk to ourselves

  • Redefining meditation


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