SONG: Alexa Sunshine Rose on Finding Your Sacred Voice (Ep. 9)


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Episode 9: SONG

Learn about the healing power of sound and how to find your sacred voice with musician Alexa Sunshine Rose.

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"All creation is vibration." - Alexa Sunshine Rose

In this episode of #moonwisepodcast, we speak with musician Alexa Sunshine Rose about her creative process, the healing power of sound and how to find your sacred voice.

After witnessing the transformative power of music in a healing ceremony, Alexa asked for music to come through her, to assist in the healing of the earth and all beings. She began to receive songs the next day. Since then she has recorded three albums and various side projects and tours the U.S. frequently. Her sound has been described as a mixture of west coast folk and kirtan and evokes a state of prayer and blessing no matter how you define it.

In our conversation, we talk about the co-creative process of receiving songs and how we all can tune into the healing song that we need. She addresses the realities of being a mother and an artist and why music is even more powerful when shared. Alexa reminds us that "music is of mutual benefit to the giver and the receiver." She also shares advice for someone who wants to be a song carrier. She says, " find what moves you and get inside it."

We also talk about:

  • The healing power of sound vibrations

  • Why we should all pay attention to the music we consume

  • Singing for survival

  • Songs of devotion for the elements

  • Her upcoming West Coast tour


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