SOVEREIGNTY: Natalie Zacharias on Energetic Hygiene (Ep. 33)


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Episode 33: Sovereignty

Learn about boundaries and energetic hygiene with healer and coach Natalie Zacharias.

"Boundaries are where you choose to meet the world, they’re not a stagnant thing, they can be very fluid.” - Natalie Zacharias

In this episode of #moonwisepodcast, we speak with healer and coach Natalie Zacharias about boundaries, intuition and protecting our energetic bodies in turbulent times.



Natalie started her healing journey at a young age when she was introduced to different energy practitioners and spiritual healers. She was 12 years old when she was first introduced to energetic healing through Reiki practitioners and Curanderos from Mexico. Natalie graduated with her Bachelors in Psychology in 2008 and after spending 6 years working in the corporate world, she decided to pursue a Master’s in Psychology. She was specifically looking for the ways in which Psychology and Spirituality intersect and integrate. This led her to pursue her Master’s at the California Institute of Integral Studies where she completed her degree in Integral Counseling Psychology in 2017. Natalie is a certified Emotion Code practitioner who is passionate about healing, helping people reconnect with their true essence, learning and giving gratitude for the gift of life.

“In choosing sovereignty, I can play a role in changing what’s happening around me,” says Natalie. We discuss how to stay grounded in chaotic spaces (like staying centered at the grocery stores these days!) We talk about daily cleansing practices and tools for raising your frequency. We talk about triggers and having compassion for ourselves as we explore our wounds and shadows. We touch on leaning into support from elements, nature spirits and ancestors.

We also talk about:

  • Releasing shame around being a spiritual person

  • How to release stuck energy

  • Entities and conflict

  • Connecting with the Earth wherever you are

  • How to make a cleansing herbal bath


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