SPACE: Sarah Jenks on Feeding Your Authentic Magic (Ep. 16)


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Episode 16: Space

Learn about creating space to feed your authentic magic with women’s empowerment coach Sarah Jenks.

“Sometimes who we are feels so big and so overwhelming but we have to choose it, we have to choose us.” - Sarah Jenks

In this episode of #moonwisepodcast, we speak with life coach, emotional eating expert and sacred space holder Sarah Jenks about creating space to feed your authentic magic.



Sarah Jenks is mother to 3 children and proprietress of Hawthorn Farm, a 23 acre farm and retreat center in Medfield, Massachusetts. She has created a number of online programs that help women remember their wild, authentic and sacred selves, including Live More Weigh Less and Whole Woman.

We talk about finding freedom from emotional eating, treating our bodies as sacred temples and creating a life that is aligned with who we really are. Sarah says, “the real issue is women are just so exhausted pretending to be someone that they’re not.”

She reminds us that “we’ve been living our whole lives thinking that we’re just normal, magic-less bodies and it’s all being revealed to us if we’re willing to see it, how magical we are.”

We also talk about:

  • Nourishing our sacred hunger

  • Coming out as magical beings

  • Letting go of the need to perform and please

  • Releasing the idea of “sameness as safety”

  • Embracing diversity in motherhood styles

  • Working with the four elements

  • Giving ourselves permission to rest


Unedited Interview Video:

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