Goodie Bag - Episode 69 Appetizer


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Back on schedule, Home Trees...and just in time for a big announcement! In this week's episode we finally reveal our years-in-the-making plan to warp Chris's spine, and one or two other minor things. We also further discuss our feelings about Disney's total consolidation of all that is and ever will be. Did you know that Pedro Pascal will be in The Mandalorian, as the titular The Mandalorian? Neat! We look forward to getting our mandatory Disney chips implanted in our cerebral cortices. But until then, please enjoy this Goodie Bag while you can do so of your own volition! Please rate and review us on iTunes. Listen to us: Follow us on Twitter @MGTpodcast: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Instagram @moregooderthan Email us: Visit us: Support us: Visit our network: Call our hotline:(661) 489-7323

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