Appreciating the diversity of Canadian cuisine with chef/author Joshna Maharaj


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On our new episode of More Than Maple Syrup, co-hosts Emma Waverman and Phil Wilson are joined by special guest and Toronto chef, activist and author Joshna Maharaj.
Maharaj chats about institutional food systems and their problems, how she's been getting creative with book promotion for Take Back The Tray (in which she addresses those institutional food systems) during the pandemic, and weighs in on diversity in the restaurant industry and she thinks it means to be a "Canadian chef".
After some serious discussions, Wilson shares an incredibly unique and delicious memory about a dish Maharaj once served him (walrus masala) and Waverman lighten things up with a look back from the trio of culinary minds on the myriad of Canadian food facts the Canadian DYK series revealed throughout the month of June.

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