1501: Mormon Inoculation


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Join us this Wednesday at noon as Luna Corbden, Marc Oslund, Gerardo, and John discuss the Mormon Church's efforts to use the psychological theory of inoculation to pre-expose the youth to weakened versions of the troubling history through an updated CES and Sunday School curriculum.

"... Please, before you send them into the world, inoculate your students by providing faithful, thoughtful, and accurate interpretation of gospel doctrine, the scriptures, our history, and those topics that are sometimes misunderstood.

The effort for gospel transparency and spiritual inoculation through a thoughtful study of doctrine and history, coupled with a burning testimony, is the best antidote we have to help students avoid and/or deal with questions, doubt, or faith crises they may face in this information age."

M. Russell Ballard, February 26, 2016



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