1502: A Mormon Lesbian Love Story Pt. 1 - Lena Schwen and Sal Osborne


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What happens when two closeted lesbian Mormon women marry men, have children, then cross paths and fall in love? In this very special Mormon Stories 2 part episode, we are honored to share one of the most important interviews in the history of the podcast. This is the story of Lena Schwen and Sal Osborne. In part 1, Sal describes dating in high school, feeling as though part of her died as she married a man in the LDS temple, and struggling with her ex-husband and band mate as they toured in the group “Love You Long Time”. Lena, a teenage convert from a divorced Catholtic Italian home, takes us through the heartbreaking events that led to her conversion into the LDS church. Lena has a truly unique story and fascinating perspectives from the eyes of a convert! We end part one with Lena realizing that raising children with the values taught by the LDS church made her feel like her time being a dedicated Mormon wife was running out. We hope you’ll tune in to part 2 to hear how these two amazing women overcame enormous hurdles to become the couple they are today!


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