Episode 232: A Morpheus Soul Rapport 120: I looked at my watch, it was...


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"I already gave you my lunch money". "What more do you want from me?"
It's episode ONE HUNDRED & TWENTY of A Morpheus Soul Rapport and once again you will be listening to an incredibly dope line up of timeless hip-hop music featuring the Super Dope Art of Kurious, Black Sheep Dres x Stu Bangas, Tab-One, Crimeapple x DJ Skizz, Leaf Erikson, Chuck Enzo, Figub Brazlevič, Cappo, Jones Brothers, Raz Fresco, Double A.B. Conway & Big Ghost Ltd, Rick Hyde, Spote Breeze & OG Jarin, Fuzzy Ed, Jay Nice, Akhenaton & Nicholas Craven, Theravada, Juga-Naut x Soweto Kinch, Pan Amsterdam & Damu The Fudgemunk, SiriusB, ROSEFLOWS, Aaqil Ali & Y.N.X 716, Deca featuring Blu, Yahzeed Divine, Dipper Goons (Original Super Legend & James Earl Bonez), Mach-Hommy, DethWzrd, The Musalini & Izzy Hott, Bishop Nehru, Sleep Sinatra & 8-bza, Ransom, Dot-Com Intelligence & August Fanon, Sleep Sinatra & Stik Figa, Cashus King, Grubby Pawz, Wst. Taylor & Nyeusi Loe, Vic Spencer x Doc Da Mindbenda, MysDiggi, AJ Snow & Jansport J, Action Bronson and Planet Asia.
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Tab-One featuring OC from NC - Heavy
[Produced By VRY SNKY] (Glory in the Weight)
Crimeapple x DJ Skizz - La Lluvia (Breakfast In Hradec)
Leaf Erikson featuring Finale & Guilty Simpson - Joy Rd. (Son Of The Soil)
Chuck Enzo featuring Verbz & Nelson Dialect - Why Wait (Motherbox)
Figub Brazlevič featuring Da Flyy Hooligan - Bryan Romero II
(Booth Brothers & Sisters 11-20)
Cappo - I Go Off [Produced By Doctor Zygote & Jazz T]
Jones Brothers featuring Anyway Tha God, Joker Starr & ManInTheBook
- Can You Dig It [Produced By Apollo] (Apollo)
Double A.B. - Ray Liotta [Produced By Parallel Thought] (Devils & Drugs)
Conway & Big Ghost Ltd - Y.B.C.M.
(What Has Been Blessed Cannot Be Cursed)
Rick Hyde featuring Rome Streetz - Poza
[Produced By The Alchemist] (Stima)
Spote Breeze & OG Jarin - Ep. 06 If I Told You Freestyle (Cascade Veiwing)
Fuzzy Ed featuring Celph Titled, Apathy & Tone Spliff - Centurions
No1semach1ne & Planet Asia - Smooth It Out (The Degree EP)
Akhenaton & Nicholas Craven featuring Ransom - Déjà Mort
(Latin Quarter Pt. 1)
Juga-Naut x Soweto Kinch - Elephant Bones (Farma - Farma's £10 Bag)
SiriusB featuring O Finess - Black Superheroes (Nostalgia)
Black Sheep Dres x Stu Bangas - Hate (Sheep Stu)
Raz Fresco & Nicholas Craven - Eyes Of The Sun (Boulangerie)
Theravada - Biomechanics (My Own 2 Hands)
Pan Amsterdam & Damu The Fudgemunk - Duck Wok (EAT)
ROSEFLOWS featuring YL - Someone To Care
[Produced By DVNTBEATS] (Recognizing Your Saints)
Aaqil Ali & Y.N.X 716 - I Remember (Dusty Souls)
Jay Nice featuring Tha God Fahim - American Tragedy
(The Best Is Yet To Come)
Kurious - Come Back [Produced By Mono En Stereo]
Deca featuring Blu - Shelter (Smoking Gun)
The Musalini & Izzy Hott - Loose Birds [Produced By Sean Kelly]
Bishop Nehru - Sun Showers (Heroin Addiction)
Dot-Com Intelligence & August Fanon featuring Dango Forlane, Lync Lone,
Sleep Sinatra & Stik Figa - The Great And Secret Show (Precipice)
Planet Asia - Floating To The Max
[Produced By Camoflauge Monk] (Medallions Monarchy)
Cashus King - Forever & A Day (Enter The Dragon)
(The W.O.W. - The Weight Of Wind Album)
Sleep Sinatra & 8-bza featuring Vic Spencer & Iceberg Theory
- Heart Murmurs (Spirit Box)
Yahzeed Divine - Ask Him [Produced By Silent Someone]
Grubby Pawz, Wst. Taylor & Nyeusi Loe - Flyest In Charge (Grease Gallery)
Dipper Goons (Original Super Legend & James Earl Bonez)
- Altered Carbon (A Man Called Horse)
DethWzrd featuring Crimeapple - Nikolai (Fall On Deth Ears)
Action Bronson featuring Hologram - Estaciones
[Produced By The Alchemist] (Cocodrillo Turbo)
Vic Spencer x Doc Da Mindbenda - Contemporary Section (Still Here)
AJ Snow & Jansport J - '83 El Camino (No Awards For The Real)
Mach-Hommy - Level X
[Produced By Tha God Fahim] (Dump Gawd: Triz 9)
MysDiggi - £10 Bag Anthem (Farma - Farma's £10 Bag)
Peace, Love and Music.

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