Don't Just Ask for a Referral, Tell Them HOW to refer to You!


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Episode 37

On this episode of The Mortgage Loan Officer Podcast, your host Frank Garay, will bridge the gap that tends to be the most overlooked when asking for the business.

At Mortgage Marketing Animals and on the Loan Officer Breakfast Club, coaches preach it all-day-every-day as one of the most important conversations you can have as a loan officer. Asking for the business is the main activity – but wait! There’s another part to it - bridging the gap provides a solid path from A-Z. We need to tell our clients and referral partners “how” to refer to us. If we don’t, we’re missing the mark!

Tune in today to learn how to implement this critical step and start making sure to bridge that gap today.

Need help putting this plan into action? Jump on a complimentary call with us here and we will help you bridge that gap.

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