Old Dogs Win Big with Old Tricks!


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Episode 42

On this episode of The Mortgage Loan Officer Podcast, I’m joined by guest, Sean Shallis. Sean is a highly experienced salesperson and coach that came from the real estate side of the business. He's coached at a high level and has been coached by some of the biggest coaches in the country.

He's made many millions of dollars in his career and now he's taking a swing at the mortgage side. Guess what, he's barely got started and he's already on his way to stardom. He has made well over 250,000 phone calls in his career and fancies himself a "grinder".

They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks and, well, maybe there's no need to. Enjoy. Hop on a 60-minute free coaching call to learn more about how to close more loans in less time.

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