A Sonnet To Science: Dr Sam Illingworth


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Andrea Macdonald, founder ideaXme Ltd. interviews Dr Sam Illingworth, PhD Atmospheric Physics, Senior Lecturer in Science Communication at Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK. Dr Illingworth is a "poet scientist" who believes that poetry is a powerful tool to communicate and explore science. (For the complete transcript of this interview please visit www.radioideaxme.com)

He is passionate about encouraging the cross fertilisation of ideas from one seemingly unrelated sector to another to create stronger ideas. And feels that when the arts and sciences are brought together the results are powerful, often moving both unrelated sectors forward.

He also believes strongly in the necessity of scientists to communicate their science with the wider world so that people better understand and evaluate how some of the most pressing global issues such as climate change can be solved by science and public participation in tandem.

Sam urges us all to learn more of science generally in this age of exponential growth in scientific advancement and technology. As he’d like the public to be equipped with the necessary knowledge to question and ultimately take part in the processes that affect us all.

Poetry and science as parallels:

Dr Illingworth has conducted extensive research into the lives and achievements – poetic and scientific of 6 fellow famous poet scientists. These findings have been published in a recent book, A Sonnet To Science. He evaluates through these 6 examples how science is communicated and advanced by poetry.

Climate change

Dr Illingworth’s special scientific interest lies in climate change research. He has a PhD in Atmospheric Physics and a Masters Degree in Physics with Space Science and Technology from the University of Leicester (and an MA in Higher Education Merit from The Manchester Metropolitan University). He has worked with the Manchester Climate Change Agency on the Climate Lab 2016 programme, an initiative to engage the public with the issue of Climate Change.

He wrote A Change of Climate with his friend and colleague, Dan Simpson, who he mentions in this interview.

Watch to the end of the interview and you’ll learn how science and poetry really can be symbiotic. Furthermore, you'll hear of Dr Illingworth's passion for music also and how it too can be used like poetry to communicate science.

Also discover that Sam’s work is not just limited to teaching university students. His outreach programme also extends to schools as he recognises importance of engaging children in major world issues.

Finally, find out with whom Sam has connected in the past to move his life and career forward as well as who he would like to meet now. For some extra entertainment and inspiration - throughout the interview - expect to hear some wonderful poetry!

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