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Dr Shima Beigi, BSc,MSc,MSc,Ph.D founder of Mindfulness Engineering™️ and ideaXme Rich Connectedness™️ ambassador interviews Sayuri Tanaka, renowned raw food chef, yoga teacher, cookbook author, chef tutor and owner of Sayuri Healing Food “The best vegan food in Bali”.

Vegan food and vegans 6% of U.S. consumers say they are vegan, a 600% increase compared to just 1% in 2014. In Great Britain, approximately 1.16% of the population (600,000 people) reported being vegan in 2018, a 300% increase from 2014, when 150,000, or 0.25% of the population, was reported.

Numbers of those adopting a vegan lifestyle are rising across the world and are set to increase exponentially due to many sharing the opinion that being vegan not only represents a benefit to individual health and alleviates animal suffering but is also essential to the health of our planet. The Vegan Society: “If the world went vegan, it could save 8 million human lives by 2050, reduce greenhouse gas emissions by two thirds and lead to healthcare-related savings and avoided climate damages of $1.5 trillion” (Source: A Well Fed World).

Shima Beigi comments:

In this episode of ideaXme Rich Connectedness podcast series, I, Dr. Shima Beigi, founder of Mindfulness Engineering™️ and Rich Connectedness ambassador focus on the important subject of healing our planet.

I connect with one of the most talented raw food chefs in the food industry, Sayuri Tanaka. Sayuri Tanaka founder of Sayuri Healing Food, in Bali. Sayuri is not only a world class raw food chef, but also a yoga teacher and businesswoman and author of several raw food guides. Originally from Japan, her passion for food started at a very young age; watching her mother cook!

Growing up she took the seed with her and later on created her own raw food training academy in Bali. Sayuri Healing Food Together we explore the success story behind her Sayuri Healing Food. I met Sayuri in early months of 2019 when I was living in Bali for four months.

Being a scientist, a yoga teacher myself and a consciousness coach in STEM industry, I’m highly motivated to integrate success and resilience lessons of other industries into the field of engineering. I asked Sayuri about three key lessons that have contributed to her successful community. In response she stated three lessons: Trust. Delegate. Flow. “You must trust people. You must delegate and you must let the organic nature of things run their course”. I think these are highly transmit-able points to the engineering world.

The Sayuri Healing Food logo represents the circle, ENSO, or 円相 in Zen, translated to KUU, or 空, the source, essence, or nothing-ness, infinity and the whole universe. It expresses that everything is inter-connected in a chain of co-becoming and in a state of constant flow. Sayuri Food The plant-based food that we provide is summarised as “raw-living” food, mostly gluten-free with some simply cooked elements.

Sayuri’s first choice is to use ethically and organic-grown resources wherever possible. They incorporate the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Macrobiotic. Sayuri invites us to ask: “What if ‘what we eat’ is the easiest access for that alignment? What if all that radiant-ness within is possible from the simple act of “eating?”. “Did you know that every living being gives off light, called “bio-photons”? What if we eat more of the light? If “we are what we eat”, what food do you want to become? We serve predominantly raw-living food for its higher light and vibration to enhance our healing processes, healthy rejuvenation & longevity on the physical, emotional & spiritual level”. Sayuri Tanaka Sayuri’s call to action: “Let our food be the medium for us all to fulfil our every dharma – the true purpose of our here & now on this planet, to activate ourselves to reach our full potential, to heal & balance our body, mind & spirit, for each all living beings. May we re-connect to the infinite universe within, find our every individual path for a sustainable radiant healthy lifestyle!”

To know more about Sayuri Cookbooks please visit http://ur0.work/eK6V To learn about her Raw Food online course please visit: https://www.veecoco.com/raw-vegan-online-course

Credits: Dr. Shima Beigi interview text, video, and audio.

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