Sanni Mccandless on Fear, Decision Making, and Creating the Life You Want To Be Living


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This week on the podcast I am bringing you another guest episode! I am honored to have had the chance to sit down with life and transition coach @sannimccandless to talk about fear, decision making, and creating the life you want to be living.

In this episode we dig into why waiting until you’re fearless never will actually come, what it means to create a relationship with the fear, how to start identifying what is working and what isn’t working in your life, the scarcity VS abundance mindset, how to set boundaries, decision making to help you feel more aligned with what lights you up on this earth, JOMO (JOY of missing out) rather than FOMO (FEAR of missing out), and so much more.

A little about Sanni: Sanni McCandless has built a career around the intersection of life design and the outdoors. She works primarily as a transition coach, helping outdoor-focused individuals create meaningful change and navigate the doubts and concerns that constantly get in the way of feeling fulfilled. Sanni challenges clients to communicate more honestly with those around them and achieve goals that have been on the back burner for too long. Sanni is also the cofounder of Outwild, a community and annual festival which aims to provide people with the space and tools they need to create more outdoor and value-driven lifestyles. Sanni currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada where she enjoys year-round rock climbing and endless desert views.

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