135 | How ahimsa changes everything


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Ahimsa means non-harm. This is one of the first principles in yoga philosophy and where my mission stems from. And it’s not just about being nice or kind to others. It's also about the impact we have on the other beings that we're sharing this planet with. Early in my career I began to bridge my neuro physical therapy knowledge with my yoga teaching and practice. At the same time I became vegan after years of being vegetarian. It makes sense to me that as I connected more in my teaching and practice to the integrated core strength of the body that I became more connected to my core values of kindness and compassion. My job is to provide the tools and encouragement and ask the question, if we can be more aligned in our bodies, can we take that into other aspects of our lives? While my mission is committed to veganism, I invite everyone to discover what pulls on their heartstrings. The message is to be aligned, feel your power and use your passion for your own calling.

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