Episode 193: Joker


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Act I: What would it take to make you go crazy from one bad day?

Act II: Joker Review

E - 5 Shots

R - 1 Shot

D - 2 Shots

N - 3 Shots

Rating - 3 Shots

Act III: Drinking Rules

E - Drink when the movie asks you to feel bad about him

R - Drink every time you realize a sequence was fake

D - Drink every time he laughs

N - Drink every time this Batman universe contradicts what you understand the Batman universe to be.

Drink of the Week: BANG!

1 cup Ice

1 1/2 oz Tequila

1/2 oz Triple Sec

1 oz lime juice

2 oz Sour Mix

Blend ingredients in shaker, pour into a margarita glass with ice, insert a straw, then pour Bacardi 151 in the straw and give it to a friend!

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