Eliminating Leadership Blind Spots with Jason Treu - Episode 49


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We all have them... blind spots. No matter how hard you try they will always be there. So it's important for leaders to develop the skills to not only identify their own blind spots but their team's blind spots as well. This is where this episode's guest comes into play. Jason Treu (Troy) is an executive coach who works with executives, entrepreneurs and rising stars to maximize their leadership potential and performance. He also helps them build and execute their career blueprint. He's the best-selling author of Social Wealth, a how-to-guide on building extraordinary business relationships, which has sold more than 45,000 copies. He was a featured speaker at TEDxWilmington 2017, where he debuted his breakthrough team building game Cards Against Mundanity. Finally, he hosts the podcast show, Executive Breakthroughs, bringing game-changing CEOs, entrepreneurs, and experts that share their breakthroughs and breakdowns. Topics Covered His background and how he got into executive coaching How leaders can identify blind spots within their mindset and replace them with proper habits Why understanding a leader’s childhood is so important in identifying blind spots. How identifying blind spots helps to build teams How a leader can take all the information of knowing their blind spots, pattern recognition, building teams and turn it all into effective habits and routines. For the complete show notes check out our website: https://movingforwardleadership.com/49

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