Getting Found with the Million Dollar Recruiter Brianna Rooney


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A common problem for leaders worldwide is that they often hit that glass ceiling within their current organization. Additionally, many leaders have the hunger to move forward in gaining more responsibilities and larger numbers of subordinates to lead. However, the problem that they often run into is getting found by organizations looking for their skill sets. This is where the services of a recruiter can come in where they can connect you with the right organization. Also, the inverse situation is possible, where you are leader looking to fill a vacancy. Either way, this is where my guest Brianna Rooney comes in.
Brianna is a fierce, passionate, money motivated entrepreneur. She owns Techees, a very successful recruiting firm for the last 8 1/2 years. She has helped grow many tech-focused companies in the Bay Area. Highly sought-after software engineers is her specialty. Now with over 10 years experience, she is the leader in the industry and the ultimate matchmaker. Taking pride with a creative personal touch. Brianna now trains people to do the same thing. “Everyone is capable if they want it.” She feels she was lucky enough to have this opportunity fall into her lap. But was hungry enough to make it work. She too can point you in the direction to starting your own journey to a rewarding lucrative career.
During this conversation, Brianna and I discuss the following topics:
Her background and how she got to where she is today.
Leadership lessons which she has learned during her journey
The hardest challenge she faced to get Techees up and going
How leaders can get promoted within their own organization
How leaders can get recognized by recruiters
Characteristics leaders should look for in a recruiter
How leaders can use recruiters to fill positions within their organizations
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