In Great Company through Emotionally Connected Workplaces with Louis Carter - Episode 75


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Leaders are constantly trying to get their teams to perform at their peak. In order to do so, the best leaders create an emotionally connected culture between their people, the organization, and them the leader. My guest today has written one of the best book I have ever read on the topic and joins to share his wisdom. Louis Carter is one of the top 10 Global Gurus in Organizational Culture around the world voted by Global Top Gurus. He is the author of 11 books in leadership and management which have been translated into 6 languages including Change Champion's Field Guide, Best Practices in Talent Management and In Great Company: how to achieve peak performance by creating an emotionally connected workplace. As the founder and CEO of Best Practice Institute, he has led consulting and benchmark research projects that have impacted millions of employees worldwide for most of the Fortune 500. Topics During this interview, Louis and I discuss the following topics revolving around In Great Company: His background The key elements of an Emotionally Connected Leader How Leaders can break the old culture model How Leaders can enable people to make mistakes and learn from them The idea of Lead by Example as a Value Why Leading with Respect is so important For the complete show notes check out our website:

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