055 - Kerio Valley Enduro & MTB Development In Kenya


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Its episode number Fifty Five, and the podcast is one year old (it was launched with four episodes)!!

So in saying that it was great to have Simon Blake back on the show to talk about the Kerio Valley Enduro and how mountain biking in Kenya, East Africa has developed over the last 9 to 10 months. Simon was first on the show back in episode number Twenty (Listen Here) talking about his work in East Africa and how mountain biking was starting to get popular with XC and Enduro events starting to pop up all over Kenya, with his guidance and help of course.

Simon is never at home. He is always on the road promoting MTB and Road Racing development within Kenya, so he is a hard man to grab for an hour. Simon has been doing an awesome job building the MTB community and letting people see the advantages that such a healthy and fun past time can have not only on yourself but also your local community. We chat about how the mountain bike scene has changed over the last number of months and some exciting progress that has been made. We also chat about the Kerio Valley Enduro that Simon has just held and how it has become more popular not only with riders but with sponsorship and local businesses.

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