064 - Photography In Mountain Biking - We Chat with Andy Cole


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On episode number Sixty Four we are chatting with Andy Cole. Andy is a massively passionate photographer and even thought he does take photography of more than just mountain biking, mountain biking and action sports is where his true interests lie. You can check out Andy's images on his very cool website at alcphotography.co.uk Andy first got in contact when he had just published an article for Pink Bike (see below) about his adventure with Sean Green and his Grizzly Munro Diaries. I was so impressed with Andy's images for that article and the overall Grizzly Munro idea that I had to reach out and ask both Sean and Andy to be guests on the show.

I was lucky enough that they both agreed to come on and tell their stories. One from the riders perspective and the other from the photographers. I had Sean on the podcast back on episode 057 (listen here) but now with Andy's schedule having a few gaps he was kind enough to put an hour aside and come on the show to tell us about how this all started, how he and Sean first hooked up and what it was like to photograph and ride in such unpredictable elements. We chat about this plus, how Andy got into mountain biking, what he loves about it, how and when he started photography and how he catches the perfect image. Plus much more.

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