Monday Night Magic: #694 - The Inverse of Progress


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Hey there was a Banned List update! And most of it was good, except for the one format that is apparently on fire. Oh well. After that we have more examples in the "WotC is a terrible company" category, showing that the D&D side of the company is just the same as the MTG side. Also we have in-store play suspended in North America & Latin America, because COVID is American by nature. Oh, and it turns out Magic Legends is going to go the route of loot boxes, xp boosts, and other assorted microtransactions, but at least it's free to play?
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B&R update |
State of Arena June 2020 |
WotC removed a person from the Creator Program because hypocrisy |
The D&D side of WotC also sucks |
More D&D hypocrisy |
D&D's vague statement |
WotC outrage cycle defined |
July Commander update |
In-store play suspended again, duh |
Esports news starts...tomorrow |
Magic Legends business model |
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