#459: Magicare For All (OOTP 22, St. Mungo's, Part 2)


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  • We had a blast with our first-ever Quizzitch Live!
  • J.K. Rowling returns to Twitter to comfort Voldemort, reveal her favorite Mario Kart character and more!
  • Muggle Mail covers why Harry didn't see thestrals at the end of Goblet of Fire!
  • Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Order of the Phoenix – Chapter 22: St. Mungo's for Magical Maladies and Injuries (Part Two)
  • 7-Word Summary: Harry ventures to the hospital with family
  • Why does Harry feel as if he is an intruder upon the Weasley family's guilt? Is he not a member of their family?
  • Why doesn't Sirius take Harry seriously when he explains what really happened?
  • What if... J.K. Rowling had killed Arthur Weasley (as he had originally intended)?
  • Welcome to St. Mungo's for Magical Maladies and Injuries!
  • Why couldn't the hospital have been built underground like the Ministry?
  • How is the hospital funded? Do wizards have health insurance?
  • How does a wizard become a Healer? There are no classes at Hogwarts!
  • Broderick Bode has a visitor!
  • St. Mungo's is a SECURITY NIGHTMARE!
  • Despite all that's happened, Arthur couldn't be in better spirits!
  • Why does Arthur not tell his kids what really happened? Was it irresponsible of him to not have a personal talk with Harry?
  • Why won't Arthur's wounds close? What's so special about Nagini's bite?
  • Did the movies miss a big opportunity in not including St. Mungo’s?
  • The Umbridge Suck Count stays put at 49!
  • Connecting The Threads, MVP of the Week and Rename The Chapter!
  • Quizzitch: What does Harry get Ron for Christmas in his fifth year?
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