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Episode 01: Intro - Who We Are and What We Do

  1. Who We Are
  2. About the podcast
    1. What is this podcast about: This podcast is about large multifamily and syndication.
    2. This is very much an educational podcast.
      1. A meat and potatoes kind of show.
      2. A lot of detailed content.
      3. A lot of high-level ideas and lingo
    3. Since podcast are so commonplace today, perhaps the best way to explain what we have in mind is to juxtapose against other shows. It seems that every other real estate podcast is based on interviews - we are not going to. Why? There are 3 unfortunate side-effects with that:
      1. Too much information and all of it is sort of unfocused - kind of like div vs. focus
      2. Too much repetition
      3. If you start over each time, it’s hard to really dig into the details
        1. The result can be surfacy information good for motivation but less good for education.

The 3 of us here are passionate about education. We don’t want to motivate you. We want to teach you.

    1. So - you can expect each show to be a deep dive into one subject.
      1. Heavy duty information
      2. No Fluff!
  1. Who is this for?
    1. For Accredited investors looking for exact detailed knowledge…
    2. We will teach you how to reverse engineer these deals, so you know how to place capital intelligently
    3. For Sophisticated operators looking for exponential growth
  1. Who is this not for?
    1. Not for newbies

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