It's Not a Lie if You Baby, Baby-lieve It


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On this “very special” episode of MULTIMEDIOCRITY: The Broadcast! – an ABK Production, Talley and Doofin are in the same room for the first time (and likely last time) ever, and they’re joined by a special guest, filmmaker and longtime mutual friend Aaron Koontz. Tired, punchy, and enhanced to varying degrees, the gents go off on tangents from their tangents, which ranged from Carman to Eric Carmen, “bro” movies to slow burn movies, and Saved by the Bellto South American capitals.

Around a shared microphone at Doofin’s dining room table, they also discuss the rise and fall of the band Weezer, and the rise and fall (and possible rise again?) of director M. Night Shyamalan; Aaron returning to his and Talley’s alma mater, Full Sail University, to make some current students squirm; a curious list of the most influential films and directors of all time; and the inconsistent naming conventions of franchises like THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS and RAMBO.

In between the usual scattershot nonsense, Mr. Koontz interjects with random lines from TITANIC, fond memories of Seinfeld episodes, and some mime work. Featuring a game of ‘F Marry Kill’ with fictional movie teddy bears, this beautiful disaster is, to quote their guest, “the dumbest version of them.” Sing along to a few Dave Matthews Band tunes with the gang on Episode 37, heard via the State Lines Network! For more on this and previous episodes, please visit

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