Shakespearing Private Ryan


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On this installment of MULTIMEDIOCRITY: The Broadcast!, Talley and Doofin find themselves discussing everything from the bad and worse of SPIDER-MAN soundtrack songs to the great and greater of R.E.M.'s run of 90s albums. The gents then dive deep into some Oscar history, examining 1998's Best Picture winner and losers; take a random phone call from their pal and frequent guest, Cameron Burns; recommend an all-star audiobook and a couple of new TV shows; and threaten to give up on social media… and humanity.

Also on the program: is JJ Abrams better than we give him credit for? Will we ever be able to separate the art and the artist again? Is The Office America's favorite "warm blanket"? What is Spielberg's worst film? What is Terrence Malick's best film? Is "Vindicated" Dashboard Confessional's worst song? Was that the lamest Super Bowl Halftime Show ever? Is this the guys' most rambling show to date? Tune in to episode 39 to find out! Come for Doofin's theater tears, stay for Talley's correct Best Picture prediction.

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