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On this installment of MULTIMEDIOCRITY: The Broadcast!, Talley and Doofin are joined by their pal Aaron Koontz, back with a vengeance… and a clear head, to discuss all things US, the new film from GET OUT writer/director Jordan Peele! This is a single-topic episode that should only be listened to if you have seen the movie, as there are spoilers abound, so again: [DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE UNTIL AFTER YOU HAVE SEEN US]

The gents dive deep, talking theories on the film's greater meaning and intent, its subtle and not-so-subtle allegories, small details you might have missed on an initial viewing, and how it’s closer in spirit to a MAGNOLIA or THE PRESTIGE than Peele’s previous film. If you’ve seen US, let them know what you thought of it (via a comment on the site’s episode page, at the State-Lines.com episode page, or at the MULTIMEDIOCRITY Instagram), and if they missed anything you caught.

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