Baby Teeth with NHS Dentist & clinical teacher in Paediatric Dentistry, Dr Jemma Hook


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This weeks podcast is all about baby teeth! The minute Amandine’s teeth started coming through, it was yet another topic I had plenty of questions on!

I am joined by the wonderful Dr Jemma Hook who works as an NHS Family Dentist and also as a clinical teacher in Paediatric Dentistry.

Today we talk about;

Why we brush baby teeth


Toothbrush advice

How to brush teeth

Baby’s first trip to the dentist

Thumb sucking and pacifiers

Teething and remedies

Drinking from an open cup

Nutrition and teeth

& so much more!

Jemma shares fantastic content over on her instagram @themummydentist . Do let Jemma or I know about any questions you might have from listening to the podcast!

Also on the podcast, we have a couple of days left in France, A has been a little under the weather but is now very much coming out the other side!

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Catch up next week

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