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This week I am chatting with the incredibly knowledgable Tanith Carey all about our childrens relationships. Tanith has two new books recently released, The Friendship maze and What’s my child thinking written with Clinical Psychology - Dr Angharad Rudkin (I have a copy to give away!).

On todays podcast we chat about Phones, social media, the effects on being on our phones around children and how social media is becoming a health issue in children.

We discuss celebrating childhood, how play is essential for learning key skills, the importance of growth without imposing, transitioning to secondary school, helping our children understand friendships, why friendships and social hierarchies form in particular ways, bullying and how teachers and parents can help create a culture of upstanding.

We also chat about what we can do with little ones Amandine’s age to start teaching about relationships.

I have one copy of What’s My Child Thinking by Tanith Carey to give away! Head over to ‘mumtalkpodcast’ on instagram to find out how you can get your hands on it!

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