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TRIGGER WARNING: although positive, please be aware this podcast contains birth story content, please read the below before listening.

Listening back to this podcast with my lovely friend Becca, it is full of so much goodness! Our babies are with us during this recording, they made the most of their time on air getting their opinion across.

Becca is a Pediatric Doctor and Mumma to a little boy who is just a week or so older than Amandine. During this podcast Becca shares with us her birth story and SO much more. We start by chatting about the anxiousness which came with knowing so much through her work and having to reroute her thinking around birth. Becca shares with us her experience of her baby being breech and how you could find her upside down on an ironing board, experimenting with moxibustion and also undergoing an ECV. Becca's little one was back to back, leading to an epidural, hormone drip and emergency caesarean.

We also talk about second births, recovery from a caesarean, pelvic floor recovery and Becca shares advice for mums to be and new mums.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did recording and listening back!

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