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Woohoo! Series 4 is here! I am so excited to be back here sharing with you, and this week is one BIG catch up! I feel like I have been away for ages and you guys had so many questions.

I chat through sleep, routine, separation anxiety and my lack of knowledge on how to handle it, doctors visits, Amandine being ill and how I helped her, growing hair, hair loss (me), pumping, change, dealing with visitors, working out (FYI I don't), useful and useless baby products, mental preparation for natural childbirth, what I would do differently with a newborn and some things to think about if you're pram shopping (from my experience).

One thing I didn't have time to touch on was weaning! I feel that needs a podcast of its own. I will touch on it on my instagram 'mumtalkpodcast' and on next weeks podcast.

I would love this series to reach even more parents, and show everyone how easy it is to listen even when you have your hands full! How do you listen? Snap a shot and tag 'mumtalkpodcast' so I can connect with you.

Have a lovely week


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